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2 reviews
This is the only place I have ever done a review for. To be completely honest, there isn't a single item on the menu that I dislike in any capacity. The Quesadillas here are amazing (It's simple but damn delicious). The Chicken Nachos are amazing (given that you eat them the day you get them). The Buffalo Wings are good. The Bacon Cheeseburger is amazing (ask for their chipotle ranch on the side. It's damn good on this masterpiece of simplicity). The Cheeseteaks are good. The only thing that's somewhat lacking (which is ironic) is their pizza. It's alright but nothing worth praise I give everything else I tried. This is the best all around place to get food at a realistic price point and if you haven't ordered yet, do it. NOW.


Top Reviewer
I order 3 steak tacos with tomato, lettuce and sour cream and chips and guacamole and a grapefruit Jarrito. I was very impressed! The delivery was on time (and it was close to midnight) and the food was fresh. They had real soft corn tortillas and radishes, onions and sauces with the tacos. The tacos were big and each one had two tortillas. This was real Mexican food --I had forgotten what it tasted like. I will never eat at Chipotle or Qdoba again! It was a lot of guacamole and chips and the Jarrito even was great. The price was reasonable for what I ordered and easily enough for two people. I will order from them again.


4 reviews
I've been in south philly 10 years now and no one has ever come even close to stealing Rosario's place in my heart as the greatest takeout/delivery place of all time. There is absolutely no way to go wrong getting food from them. Anyone i've made try them gets hooked. The taco salad (i prefer w/o the tortilla bowl) is the first time in my life i've had a hard time putting a salad down! The burritos are the size of your face. The pizzas are all always perfect. And the delivery is faster than the time given 90% of the times i've ordered.


Top Reviewer
Holy cow! I placed my order and got my delivery estimate to be 30-45 minutes. No problem. In fifteen minutes flat, on a Friday night, the delivery guy was at my front door with my nachos and tacos. I don't know how they made it AND got it to my house that fast, but they did. If I hadn't personally experienced it and checked the time stamps, I would never believe it. But it happened to me. And yes it was delicious. Five stars. Ten stars! Amazing experience.


Top Reviewer
Open pretty late, delivers on time, tasty tasty Mexican stylins! The Mexican pizzas were a hit (just wish the crust was a bit crispier). The nachos are great (lotsa cheese, grilled chicken & guacamole)... The primavera vegetable quesadillas are a favorite & my husband loooved his shrimp burrito that was made extra spicy like we asked. Any time we ask for extra salsa verde y salsa roja they really hook it up :) Love Rosarios <3

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1 review
The selection they offer fulfills all food cravings and they have fair pricing. If only the price didn't go up so much from the grub hub delivery fee. I had 1 item on the menu and my total was double the price of the one item.


3 reviews
It's not only that food is great. Delivery service is impeccable too: always on time, frequently earlier than promised. Plus, *every* delivery person has been friendly and super nice. Great place.


Top Reviewer
Food was good and prepared very well. Pretty good meat cheese blend on the steak. Took order and delivered within half hour of closing. Big Plus


Top Reviewer
Very impressed with first order. Nachos were hot and delicious and arrived early. Driver was polite and pleasant. Will order from here again.


2 reviews
This place is really great. Ordered from them several times and have already been super happy! The Taco pizza is crazy delicious

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